About Me

Hello everyone I am David Michael Reed aka DMike The Young Mystic. I want to thank you for taking time and energy to learn about my life mission. I believe I am here in this reality to help create a community with universal citizenship full of peace, prosperity, and passion. We are already forming a society where we can live our purpose free from the constraints of financial tyranny, useless and endless struggle, and oppression. We are here forming a world where we can live in the present moment and attain any goal we set our intention to regardless of from where we came or our present perceived circumstances. I utilize my own story and journey as proof and testimony that we can, should, and are able to maximize our limitless potential for the benefit of our individual selves and our extended selves to include all living beings. Here, you will experience exposure to the three main pillars of my journey, lessons that I have learned and teach, and plans and current executions for a better world. Those three main pillars are Nichiren Buddhism, The Ancient and Mystical Order of the Rosae Crucis (AMORC or Rosicrucians), and Ubuntu Contributionism. At the basis of all three is a desire and goal of creating awareness and consciousness of unity, peace, and cooperativeness recognizing the heart to heart connection between all living, conscious, sentient beings.

My hope is that you would approach the material with an open mind and a genuine desire to make change within your personal life while recognizing and abandoning your biases while not admonishing them, but realizing they all have purpose in your life. When you can do this it will become evident how I was able to create abundance in all areas of my life coming from having virtually no personal possessions or knowledge on how to change my circumstances. It is my true desire and passion to become a brilliant beacon of light for all of you to see how you can go within and tap into your infinite nature to become anyone you want and to have anything you want. When we do this together with a mind of love and compassion for ourselves and for others there is no way we can fail. We can and will create our heaven on earth forever, in this lifetime, in this moment, right now! Again I express my profound gratitude for your presence and energy. As we say in Ubuntu, “I am who I am because of who we all are.” I am DMike The Young Mystic wishing you love, light, and peace profound. Thank you. Namaste.