5 Keys To Spiritually Sound Relationships

It is important to involve groups in your spiritual journey.

Whether you are more introverted or you like to be in groups we all seek relationships. Of course as spiritual people we all need our alone time. To stave off insanity sometimes we are lucky enough to find someone worth breaking out of our cave for. If we are very lucky we find someone who is at a similar place in their journey to share our life with. If this is the case you can agree on how and when you will take part in each other’s spiritual journey and growth. Although problems can still arise it does make a huge difference to be able to come to this agreement. Most relationships involve various gaps in spiritual awareness and consciousness. This situation poses obvious issues. It is difficult to establish parameters when operating form different spiritual planes. Whatever the case may be there are 5 key focus areas that will make for a great spiritual relationship.

Taking Responsibility For Your Vibration

As long as we are on this journey we will face ups and downs. Even when we are happy. We display mastery when we are able to control our emotions and frequency in each moment. This is our super power. We attract our predominant thoughts and feelings. It is important to keep our vibration positive. We face many obstacles throughout our day that tend to bring our vibration down. In a relationship it is important not to let the vibration of one partner bring down the vibration of the other. Instead, create an environment conducive to acknowledging, honoring, and raising our partner’s energy.
This can take some tact and some awareness on both parts. For the party who is having the dark night of the soul having the awareness of their feelings is the first thing. Maintain transparency and the courage to let your partner know where you are. They may have already empathed the situation. Your biggest job is to make sure you do not take it out on the other person. For the person in high vibration, your job is to make sure you do not press any of your partner’s buttons. Have empathy for your partner while maintaining a high vibration as a model. Hold space while they work through their spiritual stuff. This is their ability, responsibility, and purpose. Do not try to raise their vibration for them or lower your vibration to match theirs. Neither party wins.

Accept Your Partner Where They Are

It is easier to see the other person’s dirt than our own. This is accented when two people are on much different spiritual paths. This goes hand in hand with taking responsibility. Each handles for their own vibration and journey. The trials we go through are here as lessons. They are for us to grow and learn. We go through different trials at different times. We might be very familiar with a lesson that we notice our partner is going through. It is very tempting to look down on them as they try to figure out something we have already dealt with and mastered. We have to keep in mind that they probably have mastered some things that we have yet to discover.
Our job is to hold space and provide support. Sometimes we have to let them make mistakes and fail. We have to commit to accepting them as well as ourselves, whatever we are going through. Or we have to have the honesty to acknowledge they are not a match to where we are going. With acceptance and love, you can diverge paths. Change your relationship and love them in a different way.

Look Inwards For Adjustments And Confirmation

It is easy to look outside of ourselves for praise and blame. The first person we look to is our partner. When we have done something we are proud of we want them to see it and confirm our accomplishment. We should definitely encourage and acknowledge each other. It is much more powerful to give that confirmation to ourselves. When we have our self-love, this is enough. A partner that does not share our excitement will not bother us quite so much. But if they do share in it, it is icing on the cake.
“When our relationship does not feel aligned we tend to want to change things by changing our partner.”
Changing your partner is impossible. We all have free will and we have sovereignty over ourselves. This is all we need. A relationship consists of two sides and a bond. If one of the ends changes, the bond has to change. If something doesn’t feel right we can change the relationship by changing ourselves. The other person has no choice but to change as well. They will either adjust to match your vibration or your relationship will change. Either way it will be for the better as you are both moving towards becoming more of yourselves.


Trust each other. But much more important, trust yourself. Love yourself. Have the kind of self-love that makes it obsolete what your partner does. Of course it is not self-loving to mix energy with someone who is not in their integrity. Create a relationship so full of self-love that there is no need or purpose for an attempt at deceit. There are no looming consequences. Everyone is being true to themselves and doing the best they can. We love each other for the person they are. Not for what they do. Having this understanding eliminates the need for being deceptive. It empowers us to be more of our authentic selves. This makes for a healthier and more exciting relationship.


Keep  it exciting! You can do this in every moment. Making eyes at each other and being playful can help do this crucial step. Do common tasks together but do them with passion. Turn on music and dance as you cook meals together. Also you can plan fun trips together. Always have something to look forward to. Put yourselves first. Realize what is real and what is not. Your relationship and happiness are very real things. Debt and money are not real. Again we want to be in our integrity and not make monetary deals we do not intend to keep. But to keep a relationship fun you have to invest in your own excitement. Take trips to new places. Do things together that get your heart rate up on a consistent basis. To maintain absolute happiness, it is imperative to find new pleasureful things.
Being in a relationship can be difficult but they can also be very rewarding. It may seem that you have to give up a lot to maintain a relationship. Do not give yourself away. A healthy spiritual relationship will not ask you to give away parts of yourself. It will reinforce your strengths. It will highlight your weaknesses so you can turn them into even greater strength.
Use a relationship to grow as an individual and together. Stay in a relationship as long as it is expansive. Honor and cherish one another. And be humble as you catapult your life into the next spiritual plane together.
Love, light, and peace profound -DMike

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