How To Manifest Instantly           The biggest problem facing the people of the world today is the flawed economic system. When we are born we are unwillingly forced into a world where we have to struggle to make this thing called money. We have a collective belief system that we have to have money to do anything or go anywhere. We are not free. I dream of a world where we can change this belief and live our lives truly free and without the constraints that the concept of money places upon us. I work diligently to create this world every day ( I alsoRead more at ->

So there I was sitting on my cloud couch relaxing to one of my favorite comedy shows. I noticed how funny everything was. I remember the pleasant thoughts and silent laughter going on inside my head. All of the sudden my girlfriend walks in to take care of some business that had nothing to do with me. The next zinger was spoken by my favorite character. I catch myself belly laughing audibly. I started to feel unauthentic as I recognized this was the first time I had laughed out loud. Was I performing? Did I want her to be impressed by my impeccable taste inRead more at ->

Never let anything shake your self-confidence. Any humiliation you have ever had. Go into the scene and stand across from the person who is humiliating you. Bring in your higher self to help you and give you strength. See the reassuring friendly warm protective knowing smile on his face. He knows that this is not real. He acknowledges your pain, but he knows that what you are feeling is only a reflection of the pain that is being felt and transmitted through the other person. The reason you are feeling it is because you are strong enough to take it. They are struggling with integratingRead more at ->

It is important to involve groups in your spiritual journey. Whether you are more introverted or you like to be in groups we all seek relationships. Of course as spiritual people we all need our alone time. To stave off insanity sometimes we are lucky enough to find someone worth breaking out of our cave for. If we are very lucky we find someone who is at a similar place in their journey to share our life with. If this is the case you can agree on how and when you will take part in each other’s spiritual journey and growth. Although problems can stillRead more at ->

Being Healthy means being free from dis-ease. Everything is connected. The universe tends towards expansion and balance. Our physical body is the vessel that carries our spirit around and influences the physical world around us. In order to be truly happy and abundant we need to take care of all aspects of ourselves. We have to approach health form a holistic frame of reference. The modern world teaches us to deal with symptoms. Medicine is big business and our greedy world focuses primarily on money. Curing illnesses is terrible business. Companies do not want to end health problems, they want to create customers. They focusRead more at ->

This video series covers wealth, health, and relationships. Stay tuned for updates…   Relationships and Love And check out this blog post I wrote about Spiritual Relationships.   Manifesting Money And check out this blog post I wrote about Money Vs. Spirituality.Read more at ->

One of the most common afflictions that plagues spiritual people is loneliness. The spiritual journey is a personal one. Our individual process is one that is specific to us. We are looking for that connection. We want to open our heart chakra and plug into the connective web. This is the web that connects all living beings. It can be hard to relate to one another as we move forward in our unique spiritual process. We address issues that are not generally recognized by the world. It is difficult to find people who are close enough to us in their journey to connect with us.Read more at ->

Links About Manifesting More Money Into Your Life We wanted to share some resources to help get things flowing for your wealth creation. Money might not be the most important thing. But in our current time and place, if you don’t have enough, you will have trouble accomplishing even the most spiritual of goals. Check out a few of these links and if you have some more resources to share with the community, please comment below or in the Facebook group. Katherine Hurst from asks: Is it really possible to manifest money? Katherine details 10 Steps to bring more abundance into your life. ButRead more at ->