How To Manifest Instantly

How To Manifest Instantly

          The biggest problem facing the people of the world today is the flawed economic system. When we are born we are unwillingly forced into a world where we have to struggle to make this thing called money. We have a collective belief system that we have to have money to do anything or go anywhere. We are not free. I dream of a world where we can change this belief and live our lives truly free and without the constraints that the concept of money places upon us. I work diligently to create this world every day ( I also believe that while we are waiting for the world to catch up, it is our duty to become happy right now in the system we are a part of. To achieve this, we should have a tool or system to be able to create money and abundance for ourselves to open up doors to our path of freedom and ultimate happiness. I have been able to achieve considerable abundance in a very short time frame and I know it is my duty and purpose to show others how this can be done as well (

For those of you who don’t know, My name is DMike The Young Mystic. When I consciously began my spiritual path, I found myself sleeping in parking lots in Compton, CA. This forced me into some introspection and promptly put me on the path to make myself better. I knew I could access more of my potential and create better circumstances for myself ( I figured out a step by step process based on absolute infallible laws of nature that anyone can access. We can utilize this process to transform any area of our lives. It does not matter where we are starting from. In fact I realized that sometimes the less we start with, the better the final state will be. There is also no upper limit. Whatever we can think about, we can bring about. Literally anything is possible! We do not have the mental capacity to think about anything that is outside our possibility, and even our duty, to bring into our physical reality. As we continue up the spiral, the magic of life continues to blow our mind over and over again.

Here I will list some of the philosophy and the steps of the process I used to go from Compton to Quantum. On the left is a picture of the house I was living in with a relative as it was a match to my life state. On the right is the house I am living in with my wonderful family about six months after applying these techniques.




  1. Have gratitude. Approaching life with a sense of gratitude puts you in the energy of having everything you desire. If your every dream were fulfilled, you can imagine you would be very grateful for everything you had. The universe pays attention to your thoughts, actions, and feelings. Your deepest thoughts create your feelings and your feelings dictate your actions. Whatever you are feeling, the universe will bring you more of that. Being in gratitude opens you up and clears room for you to receive.
  2. Be specific with your intention. The universe prefers specificity. Think about what you want to achieve with the money you are intending to create. How will this achievement benefit you? How will it benefit the world? What amount of money or resources would allow you to easily realize this intention? Write in a journal the exact amount you are going to create. Also write down the date you will have it. Put it somewhere visible so that it is in your mind all the time.
  3. Think big! Do not limit yourself by asking for a smaller amounts because you think it is more easily attained. The universe is vast beyond our comprehension and ever expanding. In fact it is limitless. Limits and amounts are concepts our human minds conceive in order to deal with finite concepts. To the universe, ten is the same as ten zillion. Wealth beyond our understandability is waiting with our names on it. We just have to claim it. The bigger the intention, the bigger the feeling. So the bigger we intend the faster and better it will arrive!
  4. Ask with feelings as if it is already done. The law of attraction brings you more of what you are already feeling and thinking and doing. If when we ask we say, “Please bring me a new car” the universe sees that you want a car, and therefore do not have it. Therefore the universe has no choice but to keep you in the circumstance of not having a car! You would do much better to say something like, “I am so happy and grateful for my brand new black on black Bentley convertible!” Even spend time closing your eyes and imagining your hand around the steering wheel if this car will do wonders. As much as you can, imagine the feeling of having the car parked outside in your parking lot. Be cautioned here! Creative visualization works very fast and will flip your world inside out at sonic speed when done properly!
  5. Address limiting beliefs. As we are visualizing and creating our new dream life, it is common for our minds to throw in thoughts contrary to our intention. When this happens you know you have a limiting belief. These can come in many forms. Some very common limiting beliefs are “I don’t deserve this” or “that is too much money that can reasonably be expected”. Any of these thoughts that contradict your intention or tell you why you cannot have what you want are complete lies! We form many of these beliefs in our toddler years or younger. Most are from our parents who generally have great intentions, but not much more ability to manifest than we do. Pay attention to these manifestation saboteurs. They can kill your intention quick! The good thing is they can all be changed. Through analyzation and transformation techniques we can get to the root cause of any belief and replace it with a much more useful belief (for help overcoming limiting beliefs click here!). Don’t psych yourself out! Sometimes we create big goals for ourselves and this is a good thing. We can get in trouble, however, when we begin to think that our goals are not attainable. The end seems too far away or the action steps seem to be arduous and unlikely. We can overcome this pitfall very easily. We simply divide and conquer. Do not think of your task as something you have to get done all at one time right now. Simply make small daily goals that are very attainable. Just make sure they are in energetic alignment with what you are intending. Your manifestation will not be the sum total of all your work. It will be much, much larger and better than that! In fact when we follow the steps of manifestation correctly, it always shows up better than expected. We just have to allow it check out my full manifestation chakra course here! When we make small attainable daily goals, we help convince our subconscious minds of the possibilities. We will begin to see little, or sometimes big, changes happen throughout our week. We are putting ourselves in the energy of what we are trying to attain. Then as we know, the universe has no choice but to bring us what we are desiring and acting towards!

If you follow the steps and principles with focus and intention there is no way you can fail. I have done it starting with virtually nothing and absolutely everyone can and should do it. Your best dream life is waiting for you to reach out and grab it. What you seek is seeking you! I am looking very forward to hearing about the amazing things you will create into your life. Just remember Manifestation = Focused Choice + Sustained Intention and Attention. For more support, join my free FB group, “D-Mike The Young Mystic”. It is your sovereign birthright to not only survive, but to thrive beyond your wildest imagination!

Love, light, and a profound sense of peace. Thank you! Namaste.


Freedom Within Relationship

So there I was sitting on my cloud couch relaxing to one of my favorite comedy shows. I noticed how funny everything was. I remember the pleasant thoughts and silent laughter going on inside my head. All of the sudden my girlfriend walks in to take care of some business that had nothing to do with me. The next zinger was spoken by my favorite character. I catch myself belly laughing audibly. I started to feel unauthentic as I recognized this was the first time I had laughed out loud. Was I performing? Did I want her to be impressed by my impeccable taste in television shows? I hadn’t been laughing out loud before. Did I even think the show was funny at all before her arrival? What was going on here?

Watch “Using Sex Energy To Manifest:

This moment made me think about how much we are “performing” for those we know are around us. Many of our actions are based on catering to the expectations of those we think are paying attention to us. I began to examine how this affects relationship dynamics. When we think we are alone we have feelings and we ascribe thoughts to those feelings. We tend to internalize the thoughts because we feel that no one else can perceive them and so they are not affected. When we are conscious of another sentient being entering into our space we tend to expand our sense of self. We cater our feelings and expressions to the other being.

This tends to be a lot of work. In addition to monitoring how we feel in the presence to outside stimuli, we also take on the added responsibility of predetermining how someone else is going to respond to our environment. Then we try to cater our responses and expressions to an action that will evoke the most amount of praise. This is very hard work. Also even the most intuitive of us will make errors in judgement of how the other is responding. We end up taking on the task of having to nurture several vibrations other than ours with over extrapolated information.

We will always tend to push this energy away because it pushes us to act in a way that is not who we truly are. Being unauthentic is much more work than being your unique self. We can tell we are in this kind of relationship by monitoring our vibration just before and just after the time when someone else enters your conscious vicinity. If you are along and someone enters your awareness and you feel your energy drop, you can be sure your body is lamenting the fact that you are about to have to force yourself to be unauthentic. Your body feels drained as it musters up the precious energy needed to play multiple characters.

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Do you ever have the feeling of nervousness when you sense your SO approach as you are doing something you love? You all of the sudden think you have to hide or alter your behavior in some way. It is not a comfortable feeling. You think you have to change yourself in order to receive praise or acceptance from your partner. Your body experiences a sense of loss as you are abandoning your authentic self in favor of the over-entangled version of yourself you are acting out. This is a very traumatic process as you separate in thought, action, and feeling from your true self and the real reason you came down to this plane.

We all experience this to some degree and the reason we do it is fear. We fear we will no longer be accepted or loved by our partner if we are to take off the mask and be our authentic self. We are not trusting the law of attraction to bring into our lives someone who is more of a match to our real self. We doubt our abilities to attract the perfect things into our lives. And so we bite down and put on the song and dance so that we can hang on to our attachments for dear life.

The amazing truth is the more we are our authentic selves, the more we will attract the people and things into our lives that we love. Being true to ourselves is easier and more fun. It also has the added benefit of weeding out the people from your life who are just there for the act. They are weighing you down any way. Having the self love and trust to know that you are all you need is beneficial in many ways. You will recognize that you are all that you need in the first place. You will free yourself from the stress of always having to “know” what everyone else is thinking and what they will judge you for. When you do make room for more of your authentic self, you will be clearing the path and attracting into your life the people who will support and love you for just being you. They will help you shed the weight of feeling like you cannot be authentic. And being authentic makes you feel like you can fly!

Love, light, and peace profound!



Red Mandala - Root Chakra - Money Chakra

Never let anything shake your self-confidence. Any humiliation you have ever had. Go into the scene and stand across from the person who is humiliating you. Bring in your higher self to help you and give you strength. See the reassuring friendly warm protective knowing smile on his face. He knows that this is not real. He acknowledges your pain, but he knows that what you are feeling is only a reflection of the pain that is being felt and transmitted through the other person. The reason you are feeling it is because you are strong enough to take it. They are struggling with integrating it, so it overflows out to you.

(Check out this video on how to put ego in it’s correct place to utilize it to your advantage instead of working against you!)

“They are reflecting their own shame, their own guilt.”

They do not have the tools or certainty to handle it in this moment. It is a moment of weakness for them. And so in this moment, the emotion comes out as an outcry for help. They are begging for assistance to deal with this feeling. Take a second to look past the facade they are putting up. Begin to notice the smirk on their face slowly fade. Remove the mask . See their expression show what they are actually feeling on the inside. You can now see the sadness showing through. The helplessness.. the sorrow.. the pleading. Down under they are a brilliant being of light. They are confused having to wade through the mirk of this density. It is a confusing feeling of being lost. Notice now how easy it is to have compassion for them.

read “Health For Mind, Body, And Spirit

“They so desperately want to shed the influence of the dark entity surrounding them who takes pleasure in manipulating them.”

They do not want to hurt you, but they do not want to face the pain alone. So they are reaching out to you because you both know you are strong. You have yourself right by your side. Your higher self constantly reminding you of your true purpose and power. You and everyone can see what you truly are and what you are here to do. This is a gift revealing where the darkness is.

“Now you get to demonstrate your power of compassion and transformation.”

It is ok to feel the pain. Take it in and really feel it so that you can understand it and know it. Demonstrate your compassion knowing that this beautiful person in a moment of weakness is feeling this and is begging for help transmuting it. Send love and light into this area of fear and darkness. Know that you are doing amazing unique work. This work is here for you to do because only you possess the strength of gift needed to do it. This is what you came down to this density to do.

“For your proper place is in the Queendom at the side of the divine almighty creator and Queen of all things!”

And so it is. Amen. Thank you. Namaste.


5 Keys To Spiritually Sound Relationships

It is important to involve groups in your spiritual journey.

Whether you are more introverted or you like to be in groups we all seek relationships. Of course as spiritual people we all need our alone time. To stave off insanity sometimes we are lucky enough to find someone worth breaking out of our cave for. If we are very lucky we find someone who is at a similar place in their journey to share our life with. If this is the case you can agree on how and when you will take part in each other’s spiritual journey and growth. Although problems can still arise it does make a huge difference to be able to come to this agreement. Most relationships involve various gaps in spiritual awareness and consciousness. This situation poses obvious issues. It is difficult to establish parameters when operating form different spiritual planes. Whatever the case may be there are 5 key focus areas that will make for a great spiritual relationship.

Taking Responsibility For Your Vibration

As long as we are on this journey we will face ups and downs. Even when we are happy. We display mastery when we are able to control our emotions and frequency in each moment. This is our super power. We attract our predominant thoughts and feelings. It is important to keep our vibration positive. We face many obstacles throughout our day that tend to bring our vibration down. In a relationship it is important not to let the vibration of one partner bring down the vibration of the other. Instead, create an environment conducive to acknowledging, honoring, and raising our partner’s energy.
This can take some tact and some awareness on both parts. For the party who is having the dark night of the soul having the awareness of their feelings is the first thing. Maintain transparency and the courage to let your partner know where you are. They may have already empathed the situation. Your biggest job is to make sure you do not take it out on the other person. For the person in high vibration, your job is to make sure you do not press any of your partner’s buttons. Have empathy for your partner while maintaining a high vibration as a model. Hold space while they work through their spiritual stuff. This is their ability, responsibility, and purpose. Do not try to raise their vibration for them or lower your vibration to match theirs. Neither party wins.

Accept Your Partner Where They Are

It is easier to see the other person’s dirt than our own. This is accented when two people are on much different spiritual paths. This goes hand in hand with taking responsibility. Each handles for their own vibration and journey. The trials we go through are here as lessons. They are for us to grow and learn. We go through different trials at different times. We might be very familiar with a lesson that we notice our partner is going through. It is very tempting to look down on them as they try to figure out something we have already dealt with and mastered. We have to keep in mind that they probably have mastered some things that we have yet to discover.
Our job is to hold space and provide support. Sometimes we have to let them make mistakes and fail. We have to commit to accepting them as well as ourselves, whatever we are going through. Or we have to have the honesty to acknowledge they are not a match to where we are going. With acceptance and love, you can diverge paths. Change your relationship and love them in a different way.

Look Inwards For Adjustments And Confirmation

It is easy to look outside of ourselves for praise and blame. The first person we look to is our partner. When we have done something we are proud of we want them to see it and confirm our accomplishment. We should definitely encourage and acknowledge each other. It is much more powerful to give that confirmation to ourselves. When we have our self-love, this is enough. A partner that does not share our excitement will not bother us quite so much. But if they do share in it, it is icing on the cake.
“When our relationship does not feel aligned we tend to want to change things by changing our partner.”
Changing your partner is impossible. We all have free will and we have sovereignty over ourselves. This is all we need. A relationship consists of two sides and a bond. If one of the ends changes, the bond has to change. If something doesn’t feel right we can change the relationship by changing ourselves. The other person has no choice but to change as well. They will either adjust to match your vibration or your relationship will change. Either way it will be for the better as you are both moving towards becoming more of yourselves.


Trust each other. But much more important, trust yourself. Love yourself. Have the kind of self-love that makes it obsolete what your partner does. Of course it is not self-loving to mix energy with someone who is not in their integrity. Create a relationship so full of self-love that there is no need or purpose for an attempt at deceit. There are no looming consequences. Everyone is being true to themselves and doing the best they can. We love each other for the person they are. Not for what they do. Having this understanding eliminates the need for being deceptive. It empowers us to be more of our authentic selves. This makes for a healthier and more exciting relationship.


Keep  it exciting! You can do this in every moment. Making eyes at each other and being playful can help do this crucial step. Do common tasks together but do them with passion. Turn on music and dance as you cook meals together. Also you can plan fun trips together. Always have something to look forward to. Put yourselves first. Realize what is real and what is not. Your relationship and happiness are very real things. Debt and money are not real. Again we want to be in our integrity and not make monetary deals we do not intend to keep. But to keep a relationship fun you have to invest in your own excitement. Take trips to new places. Do things together that get your heart rate up on a consistent basis. To maintain absolute happiness, it is imperative to find new pleasureful things.
Being in a relationship can be difficult but they can also be very rewarding. It may seem that you have to give up a lot to maintain a relationship. Do not give yourself away. A healthy spiritual relationship will not ask you to give away parts of yourself. It will reinforce your strengths. It will highlight your weaknesses so you can turn them into even greater strength.
Use a relationship to grow as an individual and together. Stay in a relationship as long as it is expansive. Honor and cherish one another. And be humble as you catapult your life into the next spiritual plane together.
Love, light, and peace profound -DMike

Health For Mind, Body, And Spirit

Being Healthy means being free from dis-ease. Everything is connected. The universe tends towards expansion and balance. Our physical body is the vessel that carries our spirit around and influences the physical world around us. In order to be truly happy and abundant we need to take care of all aspects of ourselves. We have to approach health form a holistic frame of reference. The modern world teaches us to deal with symptoms. Medicine is big business and our greedy world focuses primarily on money. Curing illnesses is terrible business. Companies do not want to end health problems, they want to create customers. They focus on putting a band-aid over the symptoms to mask the real issue and send you on your way while leaving the dis-ease fully intact. “See ya again soon!”

In order to have happiness and abundance we have to take care of our entire self. Everything is energy. All manifested illnesses begin in the spirit realm of the soul and then fester down into the dense dimension of our physical body. All dis-ease begins in spirit. To get to the root problem that causes illness we must begin where it began. If you were carrying a bucket full of water and you noticed some water spilling out of the bottom of the bucket onto the ground of course you would want to mop up the water. But you would not think the problem is solved and move on about your chore. Pretty soon your bucket would be empty. We know we would want to patch up the hole in the bucket as our primary course of action. Once the root problem was solved then we would clean up the spilled water. In this analogy the water is the symptom and the hole in the bucket is the actual disease.

We cannot approach our illnesses from a modern medicine standpoint if we want to really get healthy. We should take dis-ease like we take everything else in our reality. It is all information. Symptoms are all information and clues as to what is actually going on in the body. A runny nose is not only mucus leaking out of your nasal cavity. It is a symptom telling you that you have an imbalance within your system that is causing your nose to run. You cannot just wipe your nose and be done with it. You have to treat the imbalance.

Some of the time spirit whispers to us. Sometimes it shouts. The universe is constantly sending us little corrective hints and messages. When we heed them we course correct and we continue to thrive in joy. It is when we ignore the whispers that the universe gets a little more urgent with us. When we are letting ourselves think negative thoughts and continue to wallow in the illusion of lack the universe leads us to stub our toe in order to wake us up and jolt us out of our “slumber” of unawareness. When we ignore this hint and continue to keep our vibration low, we manifest a car wreck and we break our foot. This forces us to slow down and take a look at our situation from an aware perspective. Spirit is very stubborn about getting the message across to us. The amount of resistance we have will dictate the amount of pain and dis-ease we must endure.

Every dis-ease can be cured by mindfulness. Our body needs attention and care. It will beckon to us at varying levels of intensity until we give it the care it needs. There are books that relate certain dis-eases to specific spiritual malnutrition. The best way to get clarity on what your body is trying to tell you is to develop and heed your intuition. Your intuition comes from the same place that the message is coming from. Listening to your intuition cuts out the middle man. Your message comes through more clearly and more personalized. Sometimes the message will be very clear. Other times it comes very veiled. Knowing how to decipher the messages from the body is invaluable. We are what we habitually do. When we receive and understand the messages from our body we can initiate changes in our daily habits to eliminate dis-ease.

We can intend clarity on messages from the body very easily. The simple way I do this is to simply ask your subconscious. Your other than conscious mind contains all of the information that has been made available to you. It is your connection with spirit. Before I go to bed I repeat a simple phrase to gain clarity. “Subconscious, I know that you know. Please allow my conscious mind to know too. Thank you!” And then I believe with conviction that the answer will become clear. Invariably I will receive a spark of inspiration or intuition immediately or at least by the time I wake up. Once the message is received you only need to have to conviction and courage to execute your plan.

For ultimate, lasting, and true happiness you need to achieve balance in mind, body, and soul. Each day when I wake up I set an intention to be balanced in all three areas. My morning routine reflects these intentions. I make sure to engage all three areas. I get my day started by doing 52 crunches and 52 push-ups. After I shower and take care of my personal hygiene I chant to my gohonzon and/or meditate. Then I read spiritually uplifting material and go for a walk in nature while listening to some binaural beats or spiritual meditations. This routine primes my system and gets me in the mood for a productive, conscious and overall healthy day. I look forward to consciously creating a happy, healthy, and exciting present with you. Love, light, and peace profound! Thank you. Namaste. -DMike


Spiritual Relationships

One of the most common afflictions that plagues spiritual people is loneliness.

The spiritual journey is a personal one. Our individual process is one that is specific to us. We are looking for that connection. We want to open our heart chakra and plug into the connective web. This is the web that connects all living beings. It can be hard to relate to one another as we move forward in our unique spiritual process. We address issues that are not generally recognized by the world. It is difficult to find people who are close enough to us in their journey to connect with us. So loneliness prevails often in the lives of spiritual seekers.

To curb this feeling of loneliness many of us attempt to share our lives with someone.

As spiritual people, sharing our love and gifts with others is important. We are so full of love and compassion that we ache to help others that we see struggling. It is our first impulse to reach out and help other people. We realize that we want to be loving beings and so we strive to help those that we see. We are give more and more of ourselves.

The most important relationship is the one we have with ourselves.

We are here to learn unconditional and complete love. The prime reason we are here is self-love. This is a concept that is widely misunderstood. Others teach us that caring for ourselves is a selfish act and so we judge it to be bad. Actually the best thing we can do for anyone else is to take care of ourselves first. We want to give from our overflow. When we fill ourselves up first we can give from a place of fulfillment. If we seek to love others before we love ourselves we are giving from a place of some level of emptiness. So we see that it is a selfish act to attempt to love others without loving ourselves first. I had a client ask me if it was possible to have unconditional love for someone else if we do not love ourselves. Why would someone even ask that question? Why would you not want to love yourself? From what place does the love come if it is coming from a body that is not loved? You can only love another as deep as the love you have for yourself.

We attract the love of another when we first show love for ourselves.

When we have self-love we can watch as more love appears in our life. The law of attraction says that we create what we are. What we think, act, and feel, we bring into our lives. So if we show perfect love for ourselves, we will attract into our lives people who love us. If we have lack of love, we will attract people that have minimal love for themselves.

If we believe that we are not lovable people will show up to prove to us right.

When we have a belief system, the universe will always bring us evidence to back up that belief. We will attract people who will put us down. Our relationships will reflect this lack of love that we have for ourselves. The more we try to love them we will be giving out more of the energy that we need to be using to love ourselves. The more love that pours out of us the less love we will have for ourselves and the less pure that love is that we give out. Our energy will drain and more and more evidence of us being unlovable will show up.

We need to realize that how we treat ourselves is how we are telling the universe to treat us.

Staying in these toxic relationships sends a message to the universe. The best way to attract a loving uplifting relationship is to care for and love ourselves. If you want particular qualities in a future partner, you must master them yourself. If we attempt to love someone when we do not love ourselves it is only possible to have a lover who does not love us. This will eventually become a perpetrator/victim relationship. You will end up being resentful to one another and you will each play both roles of perpetrator and victim. You may feel confused why they are treating you a certain way. But we have to understand that they have no choice but to treat us this way. You do not contain the matching piece for the unconditional love that you desire. They can only love you as you love yourself. Even if they were to say and do all the right things for a loving relationship you will not be able to receive it.

We accept only the love we deserve.

For instance, if your partner says “I love you.” and you do not believe you are lovable, you will wonder what their motives are. Even if they are speaking from a genuine place. We must have 100% self-love and trust in place so that we are able to recognize and accept love from others. We need to become great receivers. It is not a selfish thing and in fact it is the best thing we can do for ourselves, our lovers, and our environment.

Many of us look outside of ourselves to get that feeling of completeness.

From relying on other spiritual teachers to drugs, or any addiction, we are looking in the wrong place. Several of us are addicted to love. We do not feel very good about ourselves so we look to someone else to love us instead. We are the ones who can love us the best. No one else can do it for you. In this case two halves do not make a whole. We do not want to look for someone else to complete us. If we are only partially full then we will attract others who are not full. Instead of completing each other we end up reinforcing the emptiness in one another.

What we instead want to do is be ok and completely full by ourselves.

We have fun with ourselves and realize how amazing our creator energy is. We do not want to be in the energy of needing someone else. The energy of neediness is the energy of lack. We want to live our lives in complete abundance and joy. We do not need to go outside of ourselves for anything. Once we get the self-love down then we will attract others who are complete as well. When the two complete parts get together you will be able to uplift one another in your completeness. Two wholes make an uplifted whole.

When two whole beings get together their happiness is independent of one another.

This means that you do not have to sacrifice any happiness based on what the other is doing. If your partner were to go and find love and happiness with someone else your happiness would not suffer. You are not happy because this person loves you and only you. You are happy because you make yourself happy. Why would it make any difference to the happiness of a whole being what someone else does to find happiness? You are not worried that the other person is finding happiness with someone else. It is not about your ability to provide them that same happiness. You are not in comparative mode at all. Their happiness has nothing to do with you and your happiness has nothing to do with what they are doing. You love yourself unconditionally and thus love them 100% without condition. If they do something that makes them happy you are happy. Even if their happiness does not involve you at all. You do not need them to only receive love from and give love to you. In fact you want that person to be as happy as possible whatever measures they need to take. You can sit firm in the confidence that you are more than enough no matter what. When you are apart you will have a sense of completeness and joy and fulfillment. That way when you get together you will only be that much more uplifted and full.

Listen to the way you speak to yourself.

To have the best external relationship, have an amazing relationship with yourself. Fall in love with you! After all you are the crowning achievement of the universe. Your body is the most coveted entity in the universe. We have begun to tap into the potential and beauty of our bodies. The more love we send ourselves the more love worthy we will become.
Love, light, and peace profound! Thank you. Namaste. – DMike

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