Money Vs. Spirituality

Money, Spirituality, and Helping Others

Hello Mystics! Today we are talking about one of the most common issues dealing with spirituality, money. I want to cover this idea that money and spirituality do not belong in the same arena. It is a common viewpoint that we should not associate the pursuit or enjoyment of money with ones spiritual journey. However, the lack of money is the single most common reason that spiritual people hold themselves back.
I want to engage everyone to take a look at their relationships with the concept of money in their lives. What does money mean to you? What does the pursuit or attainment of large amounts of cash represent in your life? We need to think about what our goals are. What are our agreements on what we place value? Let’s look at how the concept of money fits into that picture in the context of the collective.

What does money mean to you?

Do you believe that you should not charge for your services and talents because it is not spiritual? Why is it taboo to charge money for spiritual services? First let us take a look at what money actually is.
Money, like everything, is energy. It happens to be the object with which we as a collective associate value. If you believe you are of value, charging money proclaims this. The principle of exchange is one of the most powerful laws of the universe.
If we provide value without receiving value in exchange, we ebb the flow of money in and out of our lives. When we stop this flow we curtail the amount of people with which we are able to share our gifts. Also the quality of the service we provide will suffer. We cannot get materials and support that we need for the highest level of possible service. If we are not charging money for our services we are proclaiming to the universe that we are not valuable. This is not an expansive practice and so it does not align with the ever expanding quality of the universe.
We need each other to live in this world and we need to exchange energy. The current system with which we accomplish this exchange involves money. We need the pursuit of money.

If you do not receive compensation for your spiritual services you have to spend time and energy in other endeavors.

This takes away from time you could be developing and offering your services. Many people treat their spiritual practices as a side project. This means we are not focusing our main energy on our spiritual practice. We are focusing our main energy and time on a “job” which is not our soul’s purpose here on earth. When we spend our time not on purpose it is a soul-sucking experience. It leaves us completely drained, unable or unwilling to spend time and energy on our soul mission.

As light workers we all want to help and save everyone.

In fact several of us focus so much on helping others that we forget to take care of ourselves. We need to realize the important fact that the best way that we can help others is to first help ourselves. If we do not take care of ourselves first then we are not giving from a place of fulfillment. The energy we put out is from a lack standpoint. So we are sending out empty energy to the ones we are trying to help. We are serving to the detriment of the ones we love as we are trying to help them.
It is actually selfish not to take care of yourself before taking care of others. We need to look at our beliefs around the concept of value and money. Many spiritual seekers buy in to the lie that there is a finite amount of money in the world.
Lie: There is a “pie in the sky” of which we are each entitled to a piece.
If we take more than our designated share we are taking from others. This is a selfish and nonspiritual practice. We need to realize the truth that there are infinite resources on the earth. If money represents resources and value then money is also infinite. There is no “pie”. We are not entitled to a certain amount of money. No one is.
Truth: You will have as much money as you decide to create.
This is true for everyone. If you want to help others get the money they deserve the best thing you can do is be an example of what is possible. Get as much money as possible! Lisa Nichols said in a conference something her parents once said to her. “The best thing you can do to help your broke friends is to not be one of them!”
So we know we need to desire and pursue money but how do we do it? It seems like such an elusive concept. It seems that most spiritual people we know are all broke!

In fact everyone seems to be struggling with money the most. Why is this?

First we need to think about what we as a collective believe about money and the pursuit of it.

Society leads us to believe the best and only way of attaining money is to work hard for someone else. We need to get a job working on someone else’s dreams, put our head down and work hard. If we do this we can be of value to our community, earn a decent wage, take care of our family. When we get too old to work anymore social security and our savings will take care of us. We need to be practical and spend the majority of our time in a job we hate so that we can survive. Then with whatever time and energy we have left we can pursue our passions and goals.

But is that how it really works out for most people?

The truth of the matter is that when we spend our time and energy at a soul-sucking job, we are left with just enough energy to go home and numb out. Get up and get ready for the next soul sucking day. Since we are not taking care of ourselves first all the work we do is not maximized. Our minds and bodies are not sharp. They are dulled out. Our work becomes sub par.

Truly, there are infinite ways to create wealth.

In fact having a job where we exchange our time for money is the worst way to get it. We have limited amounts of hours in the day so we have limited amounts of money we can produce. True wealth means being abundant in the key elements of money and time. If we have little money but plenty of time then we are still broke. We are also limited and in lack if we have abundance in cash but no free time with which to use it. We are in trouble if we have huge deficits in both areas.
It is only when we have money and time that we can create the true freedom we desire. The way we do this is to create a business. We happen to live in a time and space where people are creating their own jobs, careers, and businesses out of thin air. Millennials are getting paid high 5 figures for sharing videos of playing pranks on people. Also, with the advance of technology, machines are taking the place of paid workers at traditional J-O-B’s.
Everyone has unique and valuable talents to share with the world. If you are having problems believing this, you may want to observe your own thoughts about the subject. One of the reasons we struggle is because of self-worth. Many of us have not yet recognized or discovered our most valuable talents.
Another reason people tend to not explore and use their talents is they do not believe they can monetize them. That or they do not know how. The energy on the planet right now is supporting us to be our true selves and to use and share our talents. This means that whenever we align with the universe and expand by being creative, the universe will support us. So when we are in the energy of using our talents, the universe will pay us.

Your individuality is your bank roll!

I will share with you a powerful technique. Write out two lists. In the first one write down an exhaustive list of everything you are passionate about. If you could be doing whatever you want, with money and time and obligations being no object, what would you be doing? Monitor your thoughts and feelings and see what thoughts make you come alive. Make the list as long as possible but be sure to only write things that you are joyful about.
In the next list write out everything at which you excel. Think about the activity you always win and have confidence around. What is everyone always telling you that you should be spending your time and talents with? What comes easy to you? What do you hardly have to think about but when you finish you have accomplished something of value?
Once you have both lists compiled, look at the items that are similar or the same in both lists. Now think what could you do or create containing the items in both lists that someone would pay you $1 for. This is a good jump off point for developing your business idea.

Now that you have your business idea the next step is to start doing it!

Begin providing your service. Even if you are not sure how to monetize it you want to jump in. One of the best parts of being a creative being in this universe is that it is not our job to figure out the “how” of any undertaking. You need to align your thoughts, actions, and feelings with your intention. Watch how the universe brings into your life everything you desire. Start living your joy now. Proclaim to the universe that you are of value and so you will thrive for being you.
Recruit the mantra: “I receive value from the universe by exchanging the gift of me being myself!” When you are living in your joy by acting out the character you want to become, your beliefs begin to align with your actions. The law of attraction has no choice but to bring the “props” into your life that match the character you are playing. We can continue in our joy and purpose and watch in wonder as the universe continues to conspire behind the scenes in your favor. Thank you for being a part of my world and this co-creative experience, you magnificent beings of light.
Love, light, and a profound sense of peace. Namaste,