It is important to involve groups in your spiritual journey. Whether you are more introverted or you like to be in groups we all seek relationships. Of course as spiritual people we all need our alone time. To stave off insanity sometimes we are lucky enough to find someone worth breaking out of our cave for. If we are very lucky we find someone who is at a similar place in their journey to share our life with. If this is the case you can agree on how and when you will take part in each other’s spiritual journey and growth. Although problems can stillRead more at ->

One of the most common afflictions that plagues spiritual people is loneliness. The spiritual journey is a personal one. Our individual process is one that is specific to us. We are looking for that connection. We want to open our heart chakra and plug into the connective web. This is the web that connects all living beings. It can be hard to relate to one another as we move forward in our unique spiritual process. We address issues that are not generally recognized by the world. It is difficult to find people who are close enough to us in their journey to connect with us.Read more at ->