Health For Mind, Body, And Spirit

Being Healthy means being free from dis-ease. Everything is connected. The universe tends towards expansion and balance. Our physical body is the vessel that carries our spirit around and influences the physical world around us. In order to be truly happy and abundant we need to take care of all aspects of ourselves. We have to approach health form a holistic frame of reference. The modern world teaches us to deal with symptoms. Medicine is big business and our greedy world focuses primarily on money. Curing illnesses is terrible business. Companies do not want to end health problems, they want to create customers. They focus on putting a band-aid over the symptoms to mask the real issue and send you on your way while leaving the dis-ease fully intact. “See ya again soon!”

In order to have happiness and abundance we have to take care of our entire self. Everything is energy. All manifested illnesses begin in the spirit realm of the soul and then fester down into the dense dimension of our physical body. All dis-ease begins in spirit. To get to the root problem that causes illness we must begin where it began. If you were carrying a bucket full of water and you noticed some water spilling out of the bottom of the bucket onto the ground of course you would want to mop up the water. But you would not think the problem is solved and move on about your chore. Pretty soon your bucket would be empty. We know we would want to patch up the hole in the bucket as our primary course of action. Once the root problem was solved then we would clean up the spilled water. In this analogy the water is the symptom and the hole in the bucket is the actual disease.

We cannot approach our illnesses from a modern medicine standpoint if we want to really get healthy. We should take dis-ease like we take everything else in our reality. It is all information. Symptoms are all information and clues as to what is actually going on in the body. A runny nose is not only mucus leaking out of your nasal cavity. It is a symptom telling you that you have an imbalance within your system that is causing your nose to run. You cannot just wipe your nose and be done with it. You have to treat the imbalance.

Some of the time spirit whispers to us. Sometimes it shouts. The universe is constantly sending us little corrective hints and messages. When we heed them we course correct and we continue to thrive in joy. It is when we ignore the whispers that the universe gets a little more urgent with us. When we are letting ourselves think negative thoughts and continue to wallow in the illusion of lack the universe leads us to stub our toe in order to wake us up and jolt us out of our “slumber” of unawareness. When we ignore this hint and continue to keep our vibration low, we manifest a car wreck and we break our foot. This forces us to slow down and take a look at our situation from an aware perspective. Spirit is very stubborn about getting the message across to us. The amount of resistance we have will dictate the amount of pain and dis-ease we must endure.

Every dis-ease can be cured by mindfulness. Our body needs attention and care. It will beckon to us at varying levels of intensity until we give it the care it needs. There are books that relate certain dis-eases to specific spiritual malnutrition. The best way to get clarity on what your body is trying to tell you is to develop and heed your intuition. Your intuition comes from the same place that the message is coming from. Listening to your intuition cuts out the middle man. Your message comes through more clearly and more personalized. Sometimes the message will be very clear. Other times it comes very veiled. Knowing how to decipher the messages from the body is invaluable. We are what we habitually do. When we receive and understand the messages from our body we can initiate changes in our daily habits to eliminate dis-ease.

We can intend clarity on messages from the body very easily. The simple way I do this is to simply ask your subconscious. Your other than conscious mind contains all of the information that has been made available to you. It is your connection with spirit. Before I go to bed I repeat a simple phrase to gain clarity. “Subconscious, I know that you know. Please allow my conscious mind to know too. Thank you!” And then I believe with conviction that the answer will become clear. Invariably I will receive a spark of inspiration or intuition immediately or at least by the time I wake up. Once the message is received you only need to have to conviction and courage to execute your plan.

For ultimate, lasting, and true happiness you need to achieve balance in mind, body, and soul. Each day when I wake up I set an intention to be balanced in all three areas. My morning routine reflects these intentions. I make sure to engage all three areas. I get my day started by doing 52 crunches and 52 push-ups. After I shower and take care of my personal hygiene I chant to my gohonzon and/or meditate. Then I read spiritually uplifting material and go for a walk in nature while listening to some binaural beats or spiritual meditations. This routine primes my system and gets me in the mood for a productive, conscious and overall healthy day. I look forward to consciously creating a happy, healthy, and exciting present with you. Love, light, and peace profound! Thank you. Namaste. -DMike


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