How To Manifest Instantly

          The biggest problem facing the people of the world today is the flawed economic system. When we are born we are unwillingly forced into a world where we have to struggle to make this thing called money. We have a collective belief system that we have to have money to do anything or go anywhere. We are not free. I dream of a world where we can change this belief and live our lives truly free and without the constraints that the concept of money places upon us. I work diligently to create this world every day ( I also believe that while we are waiting for the world to catch up, it is our duty to become happy right now in the system we are a part of. To achieve this, we should have a tool or system to be able to create money and abundance for ourselves to open up doors to our path of freedom and ultimate happiness. I have been able to achieve considerable abundance in a very short time frame and I know it is my duty and purpose to show others how this can be done as well (

For those of you who don’t know, My name is DMike The Young Mystic. When I consciously began my spiritual path, I found myself sleeping in parking lots in Compton, CA. This forced me into some introspection and promptly put me on the path to make myself better. I knew I could access more of my potential and create better circumstances for myself ( I figured out a step by step process based on absolute infallible laws of nature that anyone can access. We can utilize this process to transform any area of our lives. It does not matter where we are starting from. In fact I realized that sometimes the less we start with, the better the final state will be. There is also no upper limit. Whatever we can think about, we can bring about. Literally anything is possible! We do not have the mental capacity to think about anything that is outside our possibility, and even our duty, to bring into our physical reality. As we continue up the spiral, the magic of life continues to blow our mind over and over again.

Here I will list some of the philosophy and the steps of the process I used to go from Compton to Quantum. On the left is a picture of the house I was living in with a relative as it was a match to my life state. On the right is the house I am living in with my wonderful family about six months after applying these techniques.




  1. Have gratitude. Approaching life with a sense of gratitude puts you in the energy of having everything you desire. If your every dream were fulfilled, you can imagine you would be very grateful for everything you had. The universe pays attention to your thoughts, actions, and feelings. Your deepest thoughts create your feelings and your feelings dictate your actions. Whatever you are feeling, the universe will bring you more of that. Being in gratitude opens you up and clears room for you to receive.
  2. Be specific with your intention. The universe prefers specificity. Think about what you want to achieve with the money you are intending to create. How will this achievement benefit you? How will it benefit the world? What amount of money or resources would allow you to easily realize this intention? Write in a journal the exact amount you are going to create. Also write down the date you will have it. Put it somewhere visible so that it is in your mind all the time.
  3. Think big! Do not limit yourself by asking for a smaller amounts because you think it is more easily attained. The universe is vast beyond our comprehension and ever expanding. In fact it is limitless. Limits and amounts are concepts our human minds conceive in order to deal with finite concepts. To the universe, ten is the same as ten zillion. Wealth beyond our understandability is waiting with our names on it. We just have to claim it. The bigger the intention, the bigger the feeling. So the bigger we intend the faster and better it will arrive!
  4. Ask with feelings as if it is already done. The law of attraction brings you more of what you are already feeling and thinking and doing. If when we ask we say, “Please bring me a new car” the universe sees that you want a car, and therefore do not have it. Therefore the universe has no choice but to keep you in the circumstance of not having a car! You would do much better to say something like, “I am so happy and grateful for my brand new black on black Bentley convertible!” Even spend time closing your eyes and imagining your hand around the steering wheel if this car will do wonders. As much as you can, imagine the feeling of having the car parked outside in your parking lot. Be cautioned here! Creative visualization works very fast and will flip your world inside out at sonic speed when done properly!
  5. Address limiting beliefs. As we are visualizing and creating our new dream life, it is common for our minds to throw in thoughts contrary to our intention. When this happens you know you have a limiting belief. These can come in many forms. Some very common limiting beliefs are “I don’t deserve this” or “that is too much money that can reasonably be expected”. Any of these thoughts that contradict your intention or tell you why you cannot have what you want are complete lies! We form many of these beliefs in our toddler years or younger. Most are from our parents who generally have great intentions, but not much more ability to manifest than we do. Pay attention to these manifestation saboteurs. They can kill your intention quick! The good thing is they can all be changed. Through analyzation and transformation techniques we can get to the root cause of any belief and replace it with a much more useful belief (for help overcoming limiting beliefs click here!). Don’t psych yourself out! Sometimes we create big goals for ourselves and this is a good thing. We can get in trouble, however, when we begin to think that our goals are not attainable. The end seems too far away or the action steps seem to be arduous and unlikely. We can overcome this pitfall very easily. We simply divide and conquer. Do not think of your task as something you have to get done all at one time right now. Simply make small daily goals that are very attainable. Just make sure they are in energetic alignment with what you are intending. Your manifestation will not be the sum total of all your work. It will be much, much larger and better than that! In fact when we follow the steps of manifestation correctly, it always shows up better than expected. We just have to allow it check out my full manifestation chakra course here! When we make small attainable daily goals, we help convince our subconscious minds of the possibilities. We will begin to see little, or sometimes big, changes happen throughout our week. We are putting ourselves in the energy of what we are trying to attain. Then as we know, the universe has no choice but to bring us what we are desiring and acting towards!

If you follow the steps and principles with focus and intention there is no way you can fail. I have done it starting with virtually nothing and absolutely everyone can and should do it. Your best dream life is waiting for you to reach out and grab it. What you seek is seeking you! I am looking very forward to hearing about the amazing things you will create into your life. Just remember Manifestation = Focused Choice + Sustained Intention and Attention. For more support, join my free FB group, “D-Mike The Young Mystic”. It is your sovereign birthright to not only survive, but to thrive beyond your wildest imagination!

Love, light, and a profound sense of peace. Thank you! Namaste.


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