Red Mandala - Root Chakra - Money Chakra

Never let anything shake your self-confidence. Any humiliation you have ever had. Go into the scene and stand across from the person who is humiliating you. Bring in your higher self to help you and give you strength. See the reassuring friendly warm protective knowing smile on his face. He knows that this is not real. He acknowledges your pain, but he knows that what you are feeling is only a reflection of the pain that is being felt and transmitted through the other person. The reason you are feeling it is because you are strong enough to take it. They are struggling with integrating it, so it overflows out to you.

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“They are reflecting their own shame, their own guilt.”

They do not have the tools or certainty to handle it in this moment. It is a moment of weakness for them. And so in this moment, the emotion comes out as an outcry for help. They are begging for assistance to deal with this feeling. Take a second to look past the facade they are putting up. Begin to notice the smirk on their face slowly fade. Remove the mask . See their expression show what they are actually feeling on the inside. You can now see the sadness showing through. The helplessness.. the sorrow.. the pleading. Down under they are a brilliant being of light. They are confused having to wade through the mirk of this density. It is a confusing feeling of being lost. Notice now how easy it is to have compassion for them.

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“They so desperately want to shed the influence of the dark entity surrounding them who takes pleasure in manipulating them.”

They do not want to hurt you, but they do not want to face the pain alone. So they are reaching out to you because you both know you are strong. You have yourself right by your side. Your higher self constantly reminding you of your true purpose and power. You and everyone can see what you truly are and what you are here to do. This is a gift revealing where the darkness is.

“Now you get to demonstrate your power of compassion and transformation.”

It is ok to feel the pain. Take it in and really feel it so that you can understand it and know it. Demonstrate your compassion knowing that this beautiful person in a moment of weakness is feeling this and is begging for help transmuting it. Send love and light into this area of fear and darkness. Know that you are doing amazing unique work. This work is here for you to do because only you possess the strength of gift needed to do it. This is what you came down to this density to do.

“For your proper place is in the Queendom at the side of the divine almighty creator and Queen of all things!”

And so it is. Amen. Thank you. Namaste.


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